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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form an essential part of the agreement between you and Phantom Skips. 

The term of this agreement is daily from the date of this agreement.

The particulars filled out in the form of this website relate to the hiring and pick up of the allocated waste type PS will endeavour to meet the customer request for the collection of the skip bin. However, this can not always be guaranteed and will be collected at the next available collection time. In the event that you require a specific delivery or collection date we request that you contact PS  to confirm this request can be meet before booking. In the event that the skip is booked without confirmation of the above a $50 cancellation fee will apply. 

If you are requiring pick up outside PS business hours we will endeavour to meet you request however, we reserve the right to charge additional fee on top of the already paid bin charges. PS accepts no liability where these collection are hindered or prevented in any way shape or form. It is up to you as the customer tome sure there is adequate access to the skip bin at the time of collection. If you believe that the collection may be hindered by something outside your control you are to inform PS at the first point this is known to you in the event you fail to do so PS reserves the right to charge a futile pick up fee of $120 this will be payable before scheduling any further pick ups.

You Acknowledge that all equipment hired to you by PS remains the property of PS and you indemnify PS against loss or damage of such equipment whilst in your possession and care. 

You acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. That you will not compact waste within the skip bin with any type of machinery 
  2. The the gross bin weight for the category of general light was shall not exceed 150kgs per cubic meter and in the event that it does fees will be chargeable of $49 per 100kgs 
  3. you will maintain the equipment in a sanitary condition
  4. you will not remove any equipment provided by PS from the site in which it was originally delivered without the express written consent of PS 
  5. You will not deface or damage the equipment provided for EG but not limited to: Spray painting or setting waste on fire in the skip bin
  6. You will immediately inform PS of any damage cause to the delivered equipment or dangerous condition of the equipment 
  7. No fibro, Asbestos or Hardie board to be placed in the skip bins at anytime. All such rubbish must be pre-booked prior to delivery and must be in writing 
  8. If incorrect waste type is booked you are required to inform PS at the first point you realise if in the event we arrive to the property and the incorrect waste is placed in the skip we reserve the right to refuse collection of the skip bin until such time as the additional fees and waste type has been paid for. In the event we are unable to get hold of you and are forced to leave the skip behind we reserve the right to charge a futile pick up fee of $120
  9. In the event that dangerous of prohibited materials are placed in the skip we reserve the right to empty the skip bin onto your land and NO refunds will be given. 

You warrant that the ground surface you request PS to drive on and place the skip bin on is suitable for purpose and that PS is not liable for any damage cause by unsuitable ground conditions. If the skip bin is requested to be placed on a driveway PS will endeavour not to scratch the driveway but in the event the driveway is scratched you release PS from any and all liability. 

You shall ensure that no liquid, combustable, corrosive, toxic, reactive, radioactive, volatile, highly flammable, explosive waste or other dangerous items are placed in the equipment provided. You agree to indemnify PS against all claims arising from a breach of this clause.

You agree and acknowledge that performance of this agreement may be suspended by PS if payment of goods and services is not paid when they fall due you agree that any period f suspension, based on paid accounts/fees normal charges will apply to cover expenses associated with the overdue payment including but not limited to, interest fees, administration costs, legal costs.

You agree to to indennify in respect to any and all claims, suits and demands for damages against PS as a result of direct or indirect damage caused to any person or company including you, by, through or in connection with the use or operation of the equipment or and part thereof  where such damage shall have never been caused  through no act, neglect or default on the part of PS 

You acknowledge and agree that you will indemnify PS from and in respect to liabilities, claims, damages, action, costs and expenses which may result directly or indirectly as a result of or arising out of any breaches by you of this agreement.